Protective Orders Attorney in Valparaiso, IN

Family Law Attorney in Porter County, IN

Sometimes family affairs go terribly wrong and it is necessary to restrict some family members from getting close to the family. If a family member has hurt you in any way, then you need an Indiana protective orders attorney to prevent them from getting close to you and hurting you again. A protective order is a civil court order that will prevent them from getting in contact with you. It requires them to restrain from stalking, threatening, or harassing you in any way. If they violate the order, the police will arrest them. The protective order lasts for 2 years and can be renewed.

It is important to note that in Indiana protective orders are different from restraining orders. In some US states it is the same thing, so people in Indiana often confuse them. A protective order protects you strictly from someone else approaching the vulnerable family members. A restraining order, on the other hand, may include provisions on child custody, child support, and property issues. You can request a protective order anytime you have reasons to feel vulnerable to your spouse’s behavior, even if they have moved out already.

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