Guardianship Attorney in Valparaiso, IN

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A guardianship is when a person has custody over a child that is not theirs. The guardian is legally responsible for the child as if they were a parent. They make all the decisions concerning the child.

Aside from a guardianship over a child, it is possible to establish guardianship over an adult. Some adults cannot take care of themselves, mostly due to health issues, and it is in their best interest for someone else to take over their life and make all the important decisions.

Whether you want to establish or dispute guardianship over a child or an adult, it is important to consult an experienced Indiana guardianship attorney to lead you through the procedures. They are not as straightforward as they may seem and may get you in longlasting legal procedures you’ll want to avoid.

When a client with an issue like yours approaches us at the David Phillips Law Firm, first we examine their life situation to determine whether guardianship is the best possible result for them. It may seem like the most obvious solution, but that’s not always the case. In some cases establishing a de facto guardianship may suit your needs better.

We all hope that the parents will always stay in the lives of their children and adults will be able to take good care of themselves, but if that’s not possible, then the David Phillips Law Firm can help you become a guardian or dispute an already established guardianship. We are available for consultations at 219-929-7060.