Child Support Attorney in Valparaiso, IN

Child Custody Attorney in Valparaiso, IN

Family Law Attorney In Porter County

Divorce and separation can be an earth-shattering experience for many children, and as a parent, it’s understandable that you want to do everything you can in order to ensure their happiness and well-being. When dealing with child support issues in Valparaiso, Porter County, it is imperative that you consult with a skilled family law attorney. David R. Phillips is an experience family law and child support attorney, someone who you can rely on during your times of need.

Dealing with family law and child support issues in Valparaiso, IN can be life-disrupting and you might find the well-being of your loved ones at jeopardy. This is why David R. Phillips dedicates himself to his clients and offers superior legal counsel and protection to those dealing with child support issues in Porter County. His experience has allowed him to develop a sharp and strategic, yet compassionate, approach to every family law case that comes across his way.

As a seasoned child support attorney in Valparaiso, IN, David R. Phillips is qualified to handle divorce matters such as (but not limited to):

§  Establishing Child Support/Custody

§  Child Visitation

§  Administrative Reviews

§  Contests

§  Shared Parenting

§  Deviations

Dealing With Child Support Matters In Porter County, IN?

The well-being of your children, as well as the safeguarding of your interests, should not be taken lightly. These are the types of matters which require the assistance of a skilled professional, a family law and child support attorney in Valparaiso, Porter County, IN.

Child Custody Attorney In Valparaiso, Indiana

When individuals who are headed for divorce find themselves unable to come to an agreement in regards to child custody arrangements, the case is usually taken before a family court judge. Although the courts will always prioritize decisions that are aimed at protecting the interests of the child above all, it is hard to predict the specifics of the outcome as there are a variety of different factors at play.

This is why, when it comes to such delicate matters, we cannot stress the importance of ensuring that you have a qualified family law attorney on your side. As a seasoned divorce attorney, David R. Phillips is well-versed in all matters relating to child custody in Indiana, including situations that call for hands-on litigation. Child custody is governed by a complex tapestry of laws and regulations, and these are the types of matters that you can’t take any chances with.

How Is Child Custody Determined In Indiana?

When disputes arise and the courts find the need to intervene, there are a variety of factors that influence the agreement that is ultimately handed down. Some of these include:

• Each parent’s financial situation and ability to provide a stable environment
• The physical and mental health of each parent
• The age and health of the child
• The child’s established lifestyle and living arrangements
• The child’s best interests

Given the stakes at play, your best bet is to contact a skilled attorney, someone who can litigate on your behalf and push back against your ex-spouse’s efforts to undermine your wishes. David R.Phillips is the best and experienced child support lawyer Valparaiso, IN.