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For most people, having a newborn child is a point when life becomes better. For a few, it’s the time that puts them in a long battle over paternity rights and duties. If you are one of them and you want to determine paternity or dispute it, we can help you with our experience from Indiana family courts. Call us at 219-929-7060 for a consultation and we’ll let you know what your best options are.

In most cases, your options will involve a paternity test. That’s the easiest and the most accurate way to determine who the father is. Depending on the results, you may establish paternity over a child or disprove an already established one.

Indiana family laws presume that married partners are parents of the newborn child. If the child was born in marriage or at least 300 days after a divorce, the laws grant paternity rights and duties to the husband.

If parents are not married, paternity can be established by filing an affidavit to the court confirming the identity of the father. If both parents sign the affidavit, the court grants paternity rights to the father.

But sometimes, paternity rights and duties are being disputed. Here in David Phillips Law Firm, we often work on such cases. Sometimes the alleged father claims that he is not the actual one, sometimes he claims paternity rights and duties while the mother refuses it. These cases are concluded in court after a long and exhausting fight. With the volume of emotions involved, such a fight is always difficult.

That’s why we always advise people to hire an experienced Indiana paternity lawyer for help. The David Phillips Law Firm helps people like you who want to determine paternity or dispute it. You can call us now and examine the possibilities ahead of you. We are available at 219-929-7060.