Planning A Divorce In Indiana? Be Sure To Check These Items Off Your List

As you move towards your divorce, your head is probably reeling and you might be having trouble figuring out exactly where to start. This is perfectly normal, given that you're moving towards a fresh start and a new life. To help make things a little easier, we've compiled a list of items that you should fully check off before finalizing the planning stages of your divorce.

To learn more, remember that you can always call David R. Phillips, seasoned Indiana family law, to schedule a free initial consultation. For now, here's a checklist of things to account for when planning for a divorce in Indiana.

Account for All Expenses and Have a Financial Reserve

Many separating couples go through the phase where they're living separately but are still legally together. During this time, the household costs essentially double and can wreak havoc on your budget. In addition, many surprise expenses can test your limits, especially when you no longer rely on the support of your soon-to-be ex-spouse. This is why you need to get your financial ducks in order before initializing divorce proceedings. Ensure that you’ve built up a solid financial reserve and remember to separate your finances sooner rather than later.

Sort out your Transportation Needs

On a similar note, make sure to account for your transportation needs ahead of time.  Sort out who gets which vehicle at the time of filing and consider opting for a new trade in when dealing with older cars. The last thing you need on your plate during this time is a faulty or broken vehicle.

Collect and Organize all Critical Documents

In addition, give yourself enough time to collect and organize every important document that you'll need to move forward with your divorce proceedings. You'll need tax returns for the past three years, financial statements, property and car titles, passport, birth certificates, and other key documents. Preparing these ahead of time will make a world of difference down the road, especially when working with a divorce attorney.

Seek Qualified Legal Counsel

Moving forward without legal counsel at this stage is reckless and opens you up to a variety of serious legal consequences. Remember, disputes are always a possibility even in the most amicable of divorces, especially when it involves matters such as child custody and alimony/spousal support.

If you're planning for a divorce or are dealing with any other type of family law matter in Indiana, know that you can rely on skilled divorce attorney David R. Phillips. Call us today at 219-929-7060 to learn more about how he can help, and to schedule your free initial consultation.