Sleeping In Your Car After A Few Drinks: Precautions To Know

The fight against drinking and driving has only ramped up in recent years, and Indiana police have increased their efforts in catching drunk drivers. Their expansion of efforts has included setting up DUI checkpoints and increasing their scrutiny of everyday drivers in an attempt to identify illegal behavior.

Not everyone is so quick to engage in drunk driving, however, and plenty of smart people opt to sleep off their drinks inside their car instead of driving off. Unfortunately, the increased vigilance of police everywhere means that they often come across these drivers, and things don’t always play out in their favor. Police in Indiana can and often do arrest people who are simply “sleeping it off.”

In order to help drivers who are smart enough to avoid getting behind the wheel and choose to sit tight instead, this post covers some of the precautions that you need to be mindful of when sleeping off a few drinks in your car.

Precautions to Take When “Sleeping It Off”

The reason that police are able to arrest you in this scenario is because, when inside of your car, you are technically in control of the vehicle. One way to help mitigate this is by making your intentions clear. For example, napping in the back seat as opposed to the driver’s seat helps convey that you’re simply in need of rest and have zero interest in operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

Likewise, having the keys in the ignition, or anywhere else on your person, is a big no-no. Play it safe, place your keys in the trunk instead. This can be the definitive proof that you need to prove your innocence if questioned, and later down the line if you are unlucky enough to be arrested.

Want to Learn More?

Whatever your approach is in ensuring that you don’t drink and drive, always be mindful of police, the way they seek out arrests, and your rights. When dealing with any type of matter relating to DUIs in Indiana, know that you can count on seasoned criminal defense David R. Phillips.

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