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Personal Injury Attorney In Valparaiso, IN

Those who work in construction or other types of industrial settings are often exposed to a high risk of injury due to the nature of their work. This risk is significantly heightened when employers fail to apply appropriate safety measures or when they choose to rely on faulty, shoddy equipment. Unfortunately, workers are the first to pay the price as these and other types of shortcuts often lead to serious injury and even death.

Even more problematic is the fact that many companies and the insurance companies who represent them will scramble to try and avoid liability at all costs, something that they are routinely successful at pulling off. This means that anyone who suffers an injury in a construction or industrial setting needs to reach out to a reputable personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

David R. Phillips is a seasoned personal injury attorney who represents clients in a variety of personal injury matters, including those dealing with construction and industrial settings. He can provide unmatched legal counsel in cases where injury occurred as a result of:

§  Dangerous machinery and defective equipment

§  Forklift and other vehicle accidents

§  Unsatisfactory safety standards and measures

David R. Phillips works quickly to identify all liable parties and helps you formulate a legal strategy that best furthers your interests. Settlements via mediation often yield positive results, but if necessary, David R. Phillips will not hesitate to represent you in court and ensure that you are afforded the resolution that you deserve.

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David R. Phillips understands that workplace accidents, especially those involving construction sites or other industrial settings, are a major burden on anyone, and he works hard to defend the rights of his clients at all costs. To learn more about how he can help, be sure to call us at 219.929.7060 to schedule a free initial consultation.