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Major catastrophic injuries are often serious affairs that require extensive medical care and can completely derail the life of an individual. These injuries can often leave a person with conditions or complication that render them unable to work, further throwing their life into chaos. In instances like these, it is critical that a victim of catastrophic personal injury reach out to an attorney, someone who can advocate for them and help them attain some semblance of normalcy in their life.

David R. Phillips has assisted countless clients who have been victims of a catastrophic personal injury, and he has seen the extent to which such a major accident can affect a person’s life for the worse. This is why he works hard to advocate on their behalf and to help secure them the compensation that they deserve.

Catastrophic Injury Types

Each case has its own unique set of circumstances requiring its own approach, which is why David R. Phillips takes the time to familiarize himself with the specifics of your personal injury case. The term “catastrophic personal injury” is rather general and can include accidents such as:

§  Traumatic brain injury

§  Spinal cord injury

§  Loss of limbs

§  Paralysis

§  Organ damage

§  Severe burns

These and other types of catastrophic injuries can arise from a multitude of accidents. Some of the most common types of accidents that fall under catastrophic personal injury can include:

§  Car accidents

§  Workplace accidents

§  Medical malpractice

§  Product defects/recalls

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Personal Injury Attorney In Valparaiso, IN

Paralysis is a very difficult and painful injury to endure for a variety of reasons. The loss of mobility is significant, as it can rob an individual of their autonomy, and the financial costs associated with this type of injury are often tremendous.

It can be especially challenging to know that this catastrophic injury was the result of another party, someone who acted negligently or recklessly. However, know that in cases such as these, you are not alone. David R. Phillips is an experienced personal injury attorney who has helped countless victims, including those dealing with paralysis and other debilitating injuries, secure the compensation that they deserve.

Paralysis can result from a variety of different injury types, including but not limited to:

§  Car and Motorcycle Accidents

§  Slips and Falls

§  Assault

§  Sports Accidents

No paralysis and personal injury case is the same, which is why David R. Phillips takes the time to get familiar with your individual situation, and implement legal strategies that best fit your needs. He staunchly advocates for his clients, both when negotiating with other parties and in the courtroom.

Need A Paralysis Attorney In Indiana?

The financial, physical, and emotional ramifications of any form of paralysis can be catastrophic. If you or someone you know has suffered from paralysis, or any other type of personal injury, as the result of another person’s negligence or recklessness, do not hesitate to contact David R. Phillips.

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Brain Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Attorney In Valparaiso, IN

Traumatic brain injuries are often serious, life-impacting events that can lead to long term damages and impairment, including pain, memory loss, cognitive impairment, damage to motor function, and more. If you or someone you know has suffered a brain injury due to the actions of a negligent party, know that you may be entitlement for compensation.

As an experienced personal injury attorney, David R. Phillips understands the severity of brain injuries and knows how critical it is for victims of these types of injuries to recover the compensation that they deserve. This is why he dedicated himself to helping every single client maximize the amount they are entitled to, whether their damages are physical, emotional, or both.

Brain injuries usually fall into two broad categories: blunt or penetrating. As their name implies, blunt brain injuries are those which occur externally and do not break through the skull. Penetrating brain injuries are those which pierce the skull. Both types are serious injuries that can lead to the following types of damages:

§  Concussions

§  Bruising

§  Lacerations

§  Fractures

§  Bleeding

§  Damage to Nerves

§  Blood Clots

Traumatic brain injuries can be sustained in a variety of ways, including car accidents, slips and falls, assaults, sports accidents, and more.

Need A Brain Injury Attorney In Valparaiso, IN?

Regardless of the specifics circumstances surrounding your case, you can count on David R. Phillips to fight for your cause and ensure that any damages caused by a negligent party are accounted for. Brain injuries are severe, life-changing events. Don’t take any chances and recruit the assistance of a seasoned personal injury attorney, such as David R. Phillips.