Preparing For A Child Custody Hearing In Indiana

Are you facing an upcoming child custody hearing in Indiana? If so, you are likely feeling anxious and stressed out. After all, these hearings can have long-term implications on your living arrangements and your day to day interaction with your loved ones. We figured we would take the opportunity to draft up a brief overview on what to expect when preparing for a child custody hearing in Indiana. For more specific advice, we recommend that you reach out to a family attorney directly, someone like trusted attorney David R. Phillips.

Remain Calm and Composed At All Times

Remember, to the family law courts in Indiana, child custody hearings are about determining the course of action that promotes the best interests of your child above all else. While this is a highly emotional and stressful time, you need to ensure that you retain your cool and demonstrate your ability to provide and care for your child. While nobody can fault you or anyone else for reacting strongly to such life-changing events, remember that judges are there to scrutinize you and your ex-spouse fully to protect the interests of minor children before anything else.

Prepare all Documents Ahead of Time

In general, it pays to be prepared. Be sure to show up to your hearing with everything that you need, including all relevant documents and records. Every case is different, and if you’re unsure about what to bring to your hearing, don’t delay in contacting a family law attorney. He/she will certainly be able to guide you in the right direction and ensure that you will be ready in time for your upcoming hearing.

Consult With an Indiana Family Law Attorney

There isn’t an easy solution or obvious answer when it comes to child custody hearings in Indiana. This is why it is so important that you consult with a family law attorney, someone who can help steer you towards a favorable outcome and help you prepare for your upcoming hearing.

When dealing with child custody, divorce, or any other type of family law matter in Indiana, know that David R. Phillips can provide you with the legal expertise that you need. Fill out our easy to use form on the “contact us” page or call us at 219-929-7060 to schedule a free initial consultation.