If you are charged with a felony in Valparaiso, Porter County, then you have to call an experienced Porter County criminal defense attorney to represent you. Felony charges call for a serious approach. Your freedom and your future are at stake, hence you owe yourself to get the best representation possible. Call the Law Office of David R. Phillips at 919-929-7060 and we’ll start working on your defense.

Felonies are the most serious crimes under Indiana laws. It is defined as a crime that results in prison time for more than one year to up to life imprisonment. Besides that, felony convicts pay big monetary fines and face many other lifelong punishments, such as ineligibility to apply for some jobs or prohibition to carry firearms. The most common felonies include a battery, arson, murder, rape, and others.

There are six levels of felonies and murder as an unclassified felony. Each one of them has an advisory sentence. That’s a guideline that the court could consider in determining the sentence. The final decision depends on many circumstances of the case. Some of those circumstances would make the judge increase the punishment, while others would make them decrease it.

How will the court judge the circumstances in your particular case? Can you present the facts in a light that would lead to a significant reducing on the penalties and possibly dismissal of the case? That’s a job for a Valparaiso felony attorney.

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