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What Should I Ask Before Hiring a Family Law Attorney?

For this post, we’re keeping the discussion in theme with our last post. This time, however, we’re turning the lens on family law attorneys in Indiana, and going over a set of questions that you should always ask your prospective lawyer before hiring him/her.

Remember, family law matters in Indiana are sensitive affairs, and the results of any legal proceedings in this arena often carry serious, long-term effects. This is why it makes sense to do your due diligence before trusting an attorney with these types of delicate matters. With

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Key Questions to Ask Before Taking a New Medication

Medical errors continue to be a prevalent problem within the healthcare industry, and these oversights or mistakes at the hands of medical professionals are now the third leading cause of death in the U. S. A large portion of these mistakes center around medication. Whether a doctor forgot to prescribe a given medication, recommended an incorrect dosage or formula, or even if there was a labeling mistake at the pharmacy, these mistakes can have serious implications to patients.

The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from medical errors

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Scooters and DUI Laws in Indiana

Over the last few years, scooters have risen in popularity as companies such as crept onto the scene. There’s tons of scooters-for-hire all around major cities, which can be a tempting way to get around for those who are enjoying a night out on the town. After all, zipping around on a scooter is surely much safer than getting behind the wheel, right?

Not necessarily! For this post, we wanted to revisit DUI laws in the state and examine how these scooters, as well as any other type of personal

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Getting Divorced? Essential Financial Tips to Know

As a family law attorney in Indiana, David R. Phillips spends much of his time providing guidance and counsel to those going through divorce proceedings. Over the years, he has noticed a trend: while many people focus on their soon-to-be ex-spouse’s finances, they don’t always spend enough time thinking about their own financial arrangements and needs.

To help alleviate these oversights, this blog looks at the key steps that you, or anyone going through a divorce in Indiana, should account for as they set out to finalize their separation or divorce.

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Fighting Back Against Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

These days, nursing homes and other extended care facilities are more corporate than ever. This means that their priority lies with generating profit, and cuts to the bottom line has unfortunately led to higher rates of nursing home abuse and neglect across the nation. Worse yet, in an attempt to protect themselves, an increasing number of facilities have begun including mandatory arbitration clauses in contracts, which limits victims’ options when they or their loved ones choose to fight back against abuse and neglect.

For this month’s post, we’ve chosen to cover

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Sleeping in Your Car After A Few Drinks: Precautions To Know

The fight against drinking and driving has only ramped up in recent years, and Indiana police have increased their efforts in catching drunk drivers. Their expansion of efforts has included setting up DUI checkpoints and increasing their scrutiny of everyday drivers in an attempt to identify illegal behavior.

Not everyone is so quick to engage in drunk driving, however, and plenty of smart people opt to sleep off their drinks inside their car instead of driving off. Unfortunately, the increased vigilance of police everywhere means that they often come across these

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Why Mediation Makes Sense: The Main Benefits of Mediation

It’s true; divorce is messy and expensive no matter how you go about it. What many people don’t realize however is that there are alternatives to traditional divorce proceedings, all of which are designed to speed up the process and make your life easier. One of these options is mediation, the legal process where feuding spouses come together in an attempt to reach a mutual agreement on a variety of issues, all without involving the family law courts of Indiana.

Mediation is comprehensive and can cover topics ranging from child custody

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Injuries Are Not Always Apparent or Obvious at the Scene of an Accident

After an accident such as a car crash, many injuries such as lacerations, fractures, and bruises are obvious and can be easily spotted with the naked eye. However, other types of injuries might not be so obvious, and some could even days or even time to manifest themselves.

Considering the shock of the accident itself, it can be difficult for a victim of an accident to account for all of his/her symptoms, which means that potential issues could be overlooked. In order to help individuals protect themselves and their loved

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Planning a Divorce in Indiana? Be Sure to Check These Items Off Your List

As you move towards your divorce, your head is probably reeling and you might be having trouble figuring out exactly where to start. This is perfectly normal, given that you’re moving towards a fresh start and a new life. To help make things a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of items that you should fully check off before finalizing the planning stages of your divorce.

To learn more, remember that you can always call David R. Phillips, seasoned Indiana family law, to schedule a free initial consultation. For now, here’s

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Child Support in Indiana: Pitfalls to Avoid

State and federal laws involving child support are complicated, constantly changing, and regularly enforced. After all, the state recognizes the importance of ensuring that a parent provides for his/her child’s needs and fulfills all other related obligations.

When a parent is found to have neglected his/her child support duties, he or she might be subject to a variety of serious legal penalties. In Indiana, it’s important for both parents to understand how the child support system works. To help with this, we’ve written up this post that explains a few

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